Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I have a bachelor hypothesis. A Hypochelor, if you will.

Why don't these perfectly nice, hot, supermodel christians ever make it to time and all eternity, America?

Let me tell you why.

When Emily had Arie and Jef, she had everything she needed. They were the foils to each other. It wasn't Jef that completed Emily, it was Jef and completed Arie, and vice versa. They really were the perfect guys for Emily. Together. Once they get to that stage of being alone, one on one with no one waiting in the next room to fill the void the other one lacks, the Bachelor Balance falls apart.

I didn't realize this until Sean recently stated that "I knew these six......were the six for me."

Is it possible that Sean was right?

Well, no. I think he was wrong, because Tierra completes nobody ever, but OTHER than that...these women are collectively kind of perfect for him.

I noticed it on the 3 on 1 date in St. Croix that Sean was at his best when he was with Catherine, Des, and Lindsay. Catherine's the sweetheart, Des is the sultry darling, and Lindsay is, clearly, the fun one. Together they are a string of sirens that sing the perfect harmony into Sean's jeeploving heart.

The only thing that could have made that sunrise perfect was him putting his arm around them all and whispering, "How do y'all feel about sharing a kitchen?"

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