Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Farewell Ode to Tierra's Sparkle

In Pictures and Words.

In Limerick:
There once was a girl named Tierra
She had a nice face and good hair-a,
But dear friends watch out
She’ll scream and she’ll shout
If ever her man she must share-a.

In Seuss:
I am Sean.
Sean I am.

I do not like group dates with girls,
I do not like them, Sean I am.

Would you like them on a cot?

No, Sean, no, Sean, I would not!

In Free Verse:
The girl whose face gets tired when she tries to be kind
Is really just a sweetheart in disguise, you know.
She tells him all the time how kind she is.
But we know better because we see.
Other girls try to tell the truth.
But it usually backfires.
The only way he can
Know for sure
Is to see for

In Haiku:
Don’t blame her rudeness.
She cannot control her brow.
Her forehead dent knows.

In Iambic Pentameter:
He’ll never see me crouching in the dark
To interrupt his hot tub time with Linds.
And when he sees me I shall strike anew,
And tell him of the largeness of my heart!
Though unconvincing I may seem to you,
Dear Sean shall never know the part I play.
His blindness is my greatest ally yet.
He shall be mine when fin’lly this game wraps!


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