Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Shame Knows No Bounds

Hey look!  It's my cousin Steffy and me wearing our Team Jef t-shirts at our Bachelorette finale watching party a few weeks ago!

Yeah.  Still not over it.

In other news, I took a break from the Olympics just long enough to see Reid stooping to subterfuge to get Ed voted off.  He was trying to swing some influence away from the cool kids and give the underdogs a chance.  He was also satisfying a long-standing vendetta against Ed for winning Jillian's heart.  I can't imagine why Reid would feel the need to compromise his integrity over an over-grown frat boy like Ed.  It might have been worth it if his plan had worked out, but it back-fired (as things usually do on this show) and got him voted off.

While Reid didn't charm me quite the way he did on the Bachelorette, it was lovely to see him again.  His departure most likely means an end to my tuning into the Pad.  But you never know.  There may be a Monday here or there that I find myself catching a quick glimpse.  If I do, I can assure you, I'll be here to comment!  We all know I can't stay away!